CECU Annual Convention & Exposition

Video produced by Becker Media  

At this year’s Convention, we’re making connections. Everything we do here at CECU, everything you do as educators and leaders in the sector, is with an eye on the future of America’s students, growing workforce and success in a continually advancing society. And to support that success, we need connections to employers, to each other, to new theories, new people, new ideas, and new strategies. Connections to what has worked in the past and what will continue to work in the future.

Join hundreds of sector leaders at the 2017 CECU Convention to connect to your colleagues, innovative ideas, employer partnerships, and new members of our association and sector. To the mission of the advancement of education with a career focus. Connect for a better future and a common goal of student success. We are making the connections we need to help them succeed. 

  • Sponsorships are now available for the Convention and yearround programming. For more information, view our sponsorship page or email events@career.org.

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