Get involved before you get to Las Vegas!

We look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas, and encourage to you jump into the conversation before June, as well! Follow us on social media platforms, use our hashtag #CECU17, and let your friends and colleagues know why you are excited for this important event. 

Let your friends know you're coming

The CECU Convention & Exposition brings together hundreds of leaders in the postsecondary career education sector. Let your friends and colleagues know you're joining them! Check out the sample social media posts below, and use the Invitation Letter to contact someone who you think would benefit from attending the Convention to tell them why they need to be there. 

"Great session lineup at #CECU17! Check out the sessions here:" 

"Join me at the #CECU17, where we’ll be discussing the future of postsecondary career education and connecting with colleagues on key issues. Register here:" 

"With a new administration, this is a key time for the postsecondary career education sector to connect on important issues. Lowered registration prices for the CECU Convention & Expo make it possible for all to gather at this event to discuss our future. Check out registration details here:"

"Can’t make it to all of #CECU17? Join us for just a day using a day pass or check out premeeting workshops:"