Aligning the Future

Thank you for joining us in Orlando at Aligning the Future! We had a great show and look forward to the exciting stage ahead. Be sure to stay tuned for information on next year's event, held June 6-8 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. 

Presentations from the 2016 event are available for attendees on

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Aligning the Future brought together attendees from across higher education for the opportunity to engage with experts on the challenges of today and build on the prospects of the future. The Exposition Hall offered a tour of how innovation is changing the world, the new jobs being created and the monumental changes to jobs people already possess.  View the full list of live demonstrations below. 


3D Chimera

With the advancements of 3D printing, we can now design, print or scan anything! 3D Chimera, in partnership with the DAVESchool, will showcase their full suite of 3D printing & scanning products. Participate in demonstrations of the advancements changing the course of design, production and development and walk away with your own finished product. 


The presentation of the BMW of North America partnership will include a demonstration of BMW’s cutting edge I8 electric vehicle and their latest proprietary diagnostic scan tool. The I8 vehicle will be hooked to the BMW ISID scan tool via the BMW ICOM diagnostic head. We will be able to read the statuses of the vehicle sensors in the various vehicle systems, interrogate fault memories, run diagnostic plans, and activate various components remotely. This demo is similar to the types of diagnostic assignments that our students participate in when learning entry-level use of scan tools, data collection and diagnosis.


The BraunAbility Mobility Vehicle display will include a demonstration of a BraunAbility conversion van and industry standard diagnostic scan tools. BraunAbility will explain the process of modification of the vehicle to meet a customer’s specific needs. They get their vehicles from Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, or Honda and these vehicles are completely customized after coming from the factory. Modifications to a BraunAbility vehicle can include vehicle structural modifications along with installation of hydraulic and robotic equipment.

Haas Automation

Haas has two major education initiatives to assist high schools, career centers, community & technical colleges and universities to teach CNC machining technology on modern Haas machine tools. 

The Haas Technical Education Center Network is an industry & education led initiative that enables manufacturing technology educators and their schools to acquire the latest CNC machine tools and related CNC ancillary equipment, software and educational materials. The goal is to provide students with a relevant, high tech and hands-on educational experience. The Network works with over 3000 schools throughout the world that use over 7500 Haas CNC machine tools in education.  Learn more at .

The Gene Haas Foundation offers scholarships to high schools, community colleges and special education programs that help build skills within the machining industry.  In 2015 the Foundation granted $9,250,000 in scholarships and other education grants to 333 schools.  Learn more at

Shown in full metal cutting demonstration mode at the APSCU Conference is the Haas VF 2 CNC Vertical Machining Center.  It is the most popular Haas model used in industry.  It is also a very popular model used in CNC education programs.  Also on display is the Haas Desktop CNC Training Simulator.  An excellent student trainer, which has both Mill & Lathe operating modes.

Hampden Engineering Corporation

These trainers allow us to show real world concepts and dangers with only a fraction of the cost and required footprint that would be needed to teach these types of essential competencies with real equipment. 

For example, using the Heat-1 house we will demonstrate on the expo floor (in the same that we train our students) – 1) How negative back draft air pressure might exist in someone’s home and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. 2) How airflow in someone home behaves when coming out of the air ducts.  


Immerse2learn develops and delivers web-based, virtual training environments, industrial applications and services that support personnel training, certification and professional development for real-world manufacturing, engineering and technology applications.  Our innovative learning products dramatically enhance and improve the quality of traditional training practices by make learning more accessible, flexible and productive. 

Immerse2learn online training solutions are used to develop a skilled workforce in the fields such as engineering, manufacturing and automation. Our learning content is developed with industry experts and technology providers to ensure the most relevant information and assessments address the skills needed to be productive and succeed in today’s competitive workforce.

In our demonstration, LearnCNC for Haas Virtual CNC is used to mimic the actual Haas VF2 CNC in a virtual 3D simulation environment.  In this environment, students can write, edit, save and test run their CNC programs, before going to the actual machine.  Students can learn CNC machining, anytime and anywhere, in a virtual world. 

Keiser University

Culinary experts from Keiser University will be on site featuring demonstrations and tutorials for attendees including a knife skill interactive teaching sessions and a molecular cooking demonstration of Fresh Mozzarella with Balsamic Caviar, and “smoking Gun Tomatoes”.

Laerdal and Concorde Career Institute

Laerdal Medical is partnering with Concorde Career Institute to demonstrate the latest advancements in healthcare technology for nursing education. Nursing students will be onsite to demonstrate "life saving" and "patient care" procedures utilizing a number of Laerdal patient simulators.  Student will work with Laerdal SimMan 3G adult and a new Neo Natalie simulators. Additionally a virtual  IV simulator will be demonstrated.