CECU Online Training Network

CECU has partnered with MaxKnowledge to create the largest employee training network for the postsecondary career education sector. CECU awards the Certified Higher Education Professional (CHEP) certification for completion of approved training through MaxKnowledge and a network of partnering associations and agencies representing career education institutions.

The CHEP certification is awarded to employees who complete forty-eight hours of approved training in any of the following specialization areas:

  • CHEP in Teaching
  • CHEP in Online Teaching
  • CHEP in Admissions
  • CHEP in Career Services
  • CHEP in Campus Operations
  • CHEP in Leadership

Approved training programs provide relevant competency-based course options for each CHEP specialization area to meet the needs of the institution and the individual. CHEPs can maintain their certification status by completing eight hours of continuing education annually from any approved training area.

Certified professionals receive a digital certificate with an embedded open badge to share and showcase their achievements. Participating institutions are provided with digital recognition seals to demonstrate and display their commitment to excellence.

Visit www.cheponline.org for more information and a list of approved training providers.